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What should I consider when buying sports eyewear?

When searching through our sports eyewear collection you should keep in mind that we not only offer a great selection of designers, but you can also choose from a wide variety of lenses. Many of these lenses are designed for a stylish look. But more important are the tints and coatings that you can choose from, for your sport's specific needs.

What is your sport?


Whether it's mountain biking or racing, the most important factor is definitely the transparency of a lens. For off-road cycling or on long stretches of tarmac, you need clarity of vision to see bumps and obstacles in your path. Bright lenses are particularly well-suited for this purpose. Yellow or orange coloured lenses will improve contrast properties and let sufficient light through.

Winter sports

Skiing and snowboarding both involve dealing with unpredicatable conditions. Depending on the weather or your boarding/skiing style, glasses with interchangeable lenses are worth considering. Lighting conditions on the snow can change greatly when the weather is sunny. Polarised lenses offer you optimal vision even in these difficult conditions. You can minimise glare and quickly identify uneven or icy patches.


Yellow lenses work best under diffuse light conditions and on a green court. You'll see the ball in rich contrast for a confident return - all with UV-filtering protection. Yellow lenses can be used both in- and outdoors.

Aerial sports

Dark eyewear with high contrast is best suited to all your aerial needs. This works best in gradients: dark on top/light at the bottom. In this way you can look in the distance through the tinted part on top, and through the lower part for things close by e.g. to read controls. Brown, grey or green lenses are advisable as they offer high UV protection. Then whether you're in the air or on firm ground, your vision will be at its best.

Motor sports

At high speeds you can't afford to be let down by your vision. Curved lenses in green, brown or grey with an in-built contrast filter provide you with sharp, clear and defined vision. Perception of colour is only minimally affected.

Water sports

Lenses which protect against strong sunlight and light reflection are especially important for water sports. You should make sure that your eyewear fits excellently and can even support it with a headband. Polarised lenses are a good solution – they deal well with the reflection of light off the water and minimise glare. An anti-glare reflection will also minimise the problems in bright sunlight. High UV protection is best achieved with darker lenses.


Like many sports, golf requires quick switching between near and distant vision. This is why gradient tinted lenses are best. An excellent combination is from brown to orange so that you can take aim for a putt and line up a drive with just a small movement of the eye. Both tints offer strong UV protection.

Lens colours and tints

Orange and yellow

Contrast enhancement, high light transparency, UV protection not affected.

Red and brown

Relatively even light-dark contrast. If you're in a dark environment these lenses won't hinder your vision. Blue light is filtered and your view made tangibly brighter.

Brown and green

Trekking, lying on the beach or even driving your car – these strong colours/tints offer you perfect vision, no matter what the occasion.


Recommended for extreme situations. For lighting conditions like those on a glacier, grey lenses offers maximum UV and glare protection.

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